Case Studies

For over a decade, we have continued to learn and deliver innovative solutions in areas spanning decarbonisation, energy conversion, emissions reduction, air quality, materials and process design, urbanisation and mobility. We deliver interoperability across data, software, models and domains to solve cross-sector challenges.

Explore our work and case studies via live demos, project overviews and user stories.

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Alternatively, visit The World Avatar™ website.


CMCL have both developed and contributed to a number of live demos utilising The World Avatar™. A selection of these demos have been made publically available via the website, and can be accessed via the interactive network below.


The World Avatar™ can be utilised to serve different needs across a multitude of domains, and handle data at a variety of scales. Listed below are details on a number of collaborative projects and direct consultations in which The World Avatar™ was deployed to successfully help deliver on the project’s deliverables and/or customer’s needs.

Listed below are some of the larger projects that CMCL has been working on recently, with more information, reports and demos available via the links.