The World Avatar™

The World Avatar™ is a collaborative digital ecosystem being developed in partnership with the University of Cambridge. It enables interoperability between software and data, unlocking knowledge and possibilities. It is platform agnostic, and sits on top of your existing processes, ecosystems, and databases. The World Avatar™ powers the solutions that CMCL creates and deploys.

What can it do?


Break down silos and utilise semantic knowledge graphs to unlock the power of your organisation’s data.


Utilise data-supported decision intelligence to discover and implement value-adding changes in the physical world.


Reveal insights through analytics and visualisation to better understand the landscape you operate in.


Explore parallel-world scenarios to safely predict and explore the real-world impacts of changes and decisions.

What makes it unique?

Distributed Data Architecture

Securely connect to our network of datasets and models. Retain ownership of your data whilst accessing shared insights.

Derived Information Framework

Leverage our agents to autonomously cascade information through dynamic knowledge graphs. Keep insights live and accurate.

Platform Agnostic Ecosystem

Deploy and integrate The World Avatar on top of your existing processes and software solutions. No vendor switching or lock-in.

Is it a siloed solution?

The World Avatar™ is scalable across both length & time. It can describe the behaviour of any complex system, ranging from quantum calculations to nationwide simulations. Moreover, each new application is entirely interoperable with everything else in The World Avatar™, so its capabilities improve as more datasets and software are introduced into the ecosystem. Cross-sector problems are most effectively tackled with cross-sector solutions.


The World Avatar™ was used to derive new constructible nano-molecules. By defining a chemical ontology, agents could generate new targets for future chemical analysis.


By enabling interoperability between sensor suites, systems, and BIM software, whole buildings can be instantiated allowing owners to visualise their assets in real time.


The World Avatar™ scales up from buildings to model whole cities. Successful applications range from district heating networks to better understanding flood risks and associated costs.


A description of the UK gas transmission network was instantiated. This work enabled complex large-scale queries to be perceived, such as the social impact of heat pump uptake.

How can you access it?

Access to The World Avatar™ can be delivered according to client need. Standalone installations ensure total security, whilst web-based access is flexible. Recent work applying Large Language Models to knowledge graphs has resulted in the development of chatbots, significantly lowering barriers to entry for users.


Deploy agents, visualisations and scenario planners as apps.


Easily access software and visualisations via your browser


Interact with the tools via chatbots, reducing technical barriers to entry.

Who has been developing it?

The World Avatar™ is a collaborative, open-source project, currently being worked on by a variety of partners with key input from CMCL, CMPG, CARES, and CoMo (collectively known as the 4Cs).

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