Better Decisions Through Connected Insights

Enabling Cross-Domain Interoperability

Computational Modelling Cambridge Ltd. (CMCL) is an award-winning, R&D-driven company offering practical digital engineering solutions for complex industrial problems. For over a decade, we have continued to learn and deliver innovative solutions in areas spanning decarbonisation, energy conversion, emissions reduction, air quality, materials and process design, urbanisation and mobility.

CMPG are hiring!
Our German subsidiary, CMPG, is currently hiring for 3 roles. Based in Rhineland-Palatinate,
CMPG currently works in areas such as urban planning, secure AI and energy networks.
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Connecting Self-Driving Laboratories
Connecting autonomous laboratories across the world to support collaboration and innovation,
addressing emerging global challenges that require global solutions.
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Digital Solutions for Waste Management
CMCL are proud to be collaborating with Singaporean environmental services company BNL
to develop data-driven solutions for their operations
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What do we do?

We improve decision-making through insights and interoperability.

At CMCL we see the physical world as highly interconnected. Decisions made in one area rarely exist within their domain, and often have far-reaching consequences which cascade between and across sectors. However, these are rarely accounted for, and thus poor decisions and negative externalities are common. CMCL helps to deliver beyond connected digital twins, allowing challenge-owners to imagine scenarios, and to use those insights to inform real-world actions.

Our research on The World Avatarâ„¢ forms the basis of our mission to solve problems by enabling interoperability. By breaking down data silos, challenge owners are able to access the right data at the right time, allowing them to make better-informed, more holistic decisions both within and across sectors.

We work agnostically across sectors and technologies.

Our work is format, software and industry-agnostic. As leaders in cross-sector insights, we do not limit ourselves to any domains. However, we are particularly focused on these key areas.







Smart Cities


We drive cutting edge research.

CMCL was spun out from the University of Cambridge, and we have retained our drive for innovation. Our software has been used to make advances in the fields of smart city planning, combustion dynamics, climate resilience, energy systems and more.

Explore our work via the links below, and feel free to contact us to discuss opportunities to support your work.

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