The Model Development Suite (MoDS) is an advanced software tool designed to simplify the model development process and gain more insight from any model, simulator or computer aided engineering (CAE) tool.

The software enables you to fully exploit your models through the application of an advanced suite of numerical and statistical tools. This process has been simplified through an intuitive user interface, which our team has designed around the needs and requirements of engineers, scientists and decision makers.

MoDS eases the automation of robust and technically challenging statistical analyses and can be used to highlight key trends and predictions in applications across multiple disciplines.


  • Parameter estimation – calibrate your model against existing data sets
  • Process optimisation (single- and multi-objective) meet your design targets such as maximising efficiency and/or minimising cost
  • Design of experiments (DoE) extract the maximum information about your model/process
  • Uncertainty analysis – find the parameters with the biggest uncertainties and/or propagate those uncertainties through your model
  • Fast response/surrogate models – calculate numerical approximations to detailed models in order to dramatically reduce computational cost

The user interface supports the design process and guides you through the work-flow.
  • Starting from an initial raw data exploration, MoDS supports querying and filtering of large data sets in multiple formats
  • Help with your data selection through flexible plotting of the raw data and key subsets
  • Configure and set-up the model or user defined mathematical expressions with intelligent error checks
  • Execute and batch processing of the model according to your selected chain of algorithms
  • Flexible data collation: Post-processing, querying and plotting of model and algorithm outputs.

MoDS also enables you to further speed up the workflow with computational features such as automated tasks, scheduling & multi-processor support (via MPI) as well as our technical support and experience with integration example applications.

For example, our digital workflow for IC engines comprising MoDS, SRM Engine Suite and CMCL Explorer enables automated engine model calibration (parameter estimation), validation (against new data) and surrogate model generation for engine performance, combustion characteristics, gas phase (CO, HC, NOx) and particulate emissions (PM and PN).

The digital workflow plays an important role in augmenting customers’ measurement campaigns and helping realise cost-effective development programmes via:
  • A user friendly GUI with detailed step-by-step instructions
  • A combination of physico-chemical models and machine learning algorithms; and
  • The generation of surrogate modes that can be implemented into third party software for say, drive cycle simulations.