Smart 50 Award

It’s an honour for CMCL to share the stage with 50 global winners at the fabulous Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver, Colorado on 15 May 2023, hosted by Smart Cities Connect. “Smart 50 Awards” – in partnership with Smart Cities Connect and Smart Cities Connect Foundation – recognised and honoured 50 most transformative smart projects from 1100 global project entries.

It’s been a truly collaborative effort between Stadtwerke Pirmasens (CEO’s office and operational teams), the City of Pirmasens (Mayor’s office), and the teams at CMCL, CMPG, Cambridge CARES and CoMo Group in this multi-asset, data-centric digitalisation project on heating networks for the mid-size city in Germany. The digital project has been able to identify potential savings in OPEX and CO2 footprint quantitatively.

Our special thanks to:

  • Dr Christoph Doerr, CEO, Stadtwerke Pirmasens
  • Michael Mass, (Buergermeister) Mayor of Pirmasens, Germany
  • Markus Hofmeister, our co-sponsored PhD student at Cambridge CARES for leading this technical work
  • Dr Volker Flegel, Celron GmbH
  • Markus Kraft for initiating this collaboration.